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About Us

How It Started

The passion for baking started very early... and it has never left. The Founder and our top creative mastermind, April Marie was born in June of 1979. Her mother would say that she was impossible to keep out of the kitchen and her passion and love for creating with food was evident at an early age.


The Estates Bakery has earned our positive reputation and repeat clientele by consistently providing genuine customer care and exceptional products, in both taste and design.

Each custom cake is handcrafted and unique to you and your event.

All products are made with quality premium ingredients, love and are infused with a homemade taste that will have you ordering again and again. 

We look forward to creating something amazing for your special event.

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April Marie

Journey Back to Passion and Purpose

I was certain that I belonged to the corporate world and that baking was reserved for fun with family and friends. I focused all of my ambition and energy into climbing the corporate ladder for many years. Then in 2015, I suffered an overuse injury (RSI) in my right arm and wrist. I continued to work for eighteen months more causing additional damage. Following all sorts of treatments, a plethora of specialist consultations and multiple rehabilitation efforts it was determined that the limb was not likely to recover and that there was no surgical option available that would address the multiple sites of contention and any surgery could risk additional nerve damage. The focus changed from hoping to heal, to management of the pain and loss of function longterm. Thus began my journey of relearning how to best live life while dealing with disability, chronic pain and flare-ups. I often wear compression garments and a custom brace to assist my compromised arm. I have had to learn how to pace myself, work within my capacity, rely on my amazing teammates and listen to my body. I have learnt to delegate, use alternate tools and techniques in order to keep baking and creating edible art whilst honoring my body's limitations. I am incredibly grateful to have returned to my first passion, for the creative outlet, purpose and positive affirmation it provides me. I am differently-abled than I once was; but I can still create something beautiful to contribute to this world.


Broken Wax Crayons Still Colour... The Estates Bakery is my living example.

Future Plans

Create a space that employs others with limitations or barriers on a project basis.

Become a place of employment that highlights and honors what each individual brings to the table. We all have something to offer and can make an impact in the world regardless of our difference in ability. 

Bring more awareness to living and thriving with chronic pain and disability. Writing and speaking about the journey to grow through what we were forced to go through.



Own A Mobile Bakery Food Truck

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Preferred Collaborator

Country Love Blooms logo.jpeg

Absolutely amazing floral arrangements made with quality, organic, locally grown product. Jenni is cheerful, prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with!

Team Highlight

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Social Media Manager

Maybelyn holds a very important position and is an essential and loved member of The Estates Bakery Team. She has an amazing spirit and is dedicated to creating quality work. Maybelyn has a great eye for  photography and art and does a fantastic job of representing the bakery across various social media platforms. She creates beautiful and consistent brand specific content that connects us effectively and authentically with the public.

Thank you Maybelyn! 

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Preferred Collaborator


The Estates Bakery can be found at the majority of the market events organized by West of the 5th promotions. Dillion Clarke does a tremendous job to ensure that each event is meticulously planned and executed. The result is a great experience for vendors and the public alike.

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