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Other Treats -By The Bag

Great for Road Trips and Fun Adventures

Sales Prices are Reflected in Shop, if applicable

Candied Popcorn

Candied Popcorn with Caramel and Assorted Nuts 

Impossible to Put Down this Bag

Choose: With or Without Nuts

Individual - 2 Cup Bag $6

Shareable - 4 Cup Bag $8

Family - 6 Cup Bag 💛$10

Chocolate Candy Bark

Loaded OR Candy Only

So many goodies in one place. A PLETHORA OF CANDY, NUTS, CHOCOLATE BAR PIECES, GUMMIES AND OTHER ASSORTED TREATS like: Candied Popcorn, Sponge Toffee and Pretzel Pieces all held together by a delicious chocolate base. 

Choose from:

1. Our Dark and Milk Chocolate Blend or our White Chocolate as the base. Both Delicious.

2. With or Without Nuts

Seriously the PERFECT combo of snacks.


3.5 oz per Bag 💛


Party Mix - Little Spicy

Savory Party Mix - Seasoned with Butter and a little Spice

Mix of Cereals, Pretzels, Crackers, Bread Sticks, and Assorted Mixed Nuts (salted)

Choose: With or Without Nuts

3 Sizes 💛

Individual - 2 Cup Bag $6

Shareable - 4 Cup Bag $12

Family - 6 Cup Bag $16

Peanut Brittle

Sweet & Salty 

Loaded with Peanuts!! Long Time Fan Favorite.

Individual - 2 oz Bag $6

Shareable - 4 oz Bag $8

Family - 6 oz Bag 💛 $12

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